Nutrition coaching focused on building a plan best fit for YOU. Whether you are looking to lose weight, learn how to fuel for performance, lifting weights and building strength, or learning to love yourself more... we will build a lifestyle you can sustain and be successful with! ​


Tired of chronic dieting? Lost weight only to gain it back? Obsessed with the scale? Frustrated with your lack of progress? Ready to ditch that meal template? Unable to lose weight or gain muscle? Poor digestion? Absent or irregular period? Looking to fuel your workouts better? Not sure how to eat for dietary/health restrictions? Lacking the knowledge of how to eat well for YOUR body?


Ready to never "diet" again, create healthy habits that last, feel empowered, have a healthy relationship with food, sleep better, have more motivation, crush it in the kitchen and the gym, feel + look your best?


The food we put in our body and the thoughts we let pass through our brain truly impact our daily lives and our success.


We'll chat initially about goals, current diet, dietary history, sleep, daily schedule, workout frequency and modality, digestion, hormones,mindset, & more so that we make sure this is a good fit and also create the best plan of action tailored to just Y.O.U.


I typically take a macro-based approach where you track macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) in an app like MyFitnessPal and receive customized goals. I have clients that don't do this and just focus on small lifestyle goals instead. As I said above, this is not a one plan fits all. We will find what method of accountability and tracking works best for you!


We will work on ALL areas of health including mood, sleep, hydration,stress, self-care, exercise goals, mindset towards food, food quality,supplements, etc. It's not just nutrition coaching, it's lifestyle coaching!



Monthly Membership:

Pricing for CrossFit Q members is $125/mo for weekly email check-ins. A membership will be created on Wodify with monthly auto-renew. No contract or commitment but a minimum of 3 months is recommended. Prefer in-person over email? Pricing then becomes $155/mo for weekly 20 minute meetings at the gym. Included in BOTH options is an initial InBody Scan!

How It Works:

  1. Talk to or email Halie at to get started & set up a FREE 20 minute consultation!

  2. Once signed up, we will discuss goals and create a starting goals for YOU! (I DON'T provide meal plans)

  3. Check in weekly with me via email or schedule in person meetings(communication is KEY).

  4. Join the QLHN community via our private Facebook page! (Gain support, advice, meal inspiration, and more from others on a similar journey to better health!)

  5. Become the best version of YOU and create sustainable habits for life!


What can you expect to learn?

  • Fundamentals of proper nutrition, serving sizes, and balanced meals

  • Understand importance of food quality, even when tracking macronutrients

  • Gain an understanding of macronutrients: protein, carbs, and fats

  • Learn what different macronutrients do for your body

  • Discover which foods are better for your body and performance

  • Learn how to track your food via the app My Fitness Pal and weighing food using a food scale

  • Develop a positive relationship with food

  • Navigate how to eat out, go to social events, vacation, & celebrate the holidays while still staying on track

  • Witness how consistency and effort will provide you with results

  • Become aware of your habits, emotional connection to food, and how to handle cravings

  • Timing food intake around workouts to maximize body composition

  • Supplement recommendations best for you

  • Develop a positive self-image and learn to love your body for it's capabilities

  • Create habits and strategies that will make this LIFELONG, not a 30 day quick-fix





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