I cannot say enough positive things about Crossfit Q. The people, the coaches, the gym are all amazing. I have always felt welcome and supported throughout my nine months at the gym. I haven't looked back since joining Crossfit Q. Every day I am pushed to be my best and do my best from the coaches and the community and I look forward to every day that I get to go to the gym.



My wife and I tried crossfit to attempt to get into an exercise routine that we could sustain and that would fit into our busy schedule. We hadn't been able to stick with our old routines that we used in high school and college and I had trouble motivating myself for any longer than a few months. Crossfit was a great choice because all I had to do was show up. The workouts and coaches were very motivating and the other members were welcoming to new people, especially those new to crossfit. Something that I thought I would try out for a few months has now become something I need to get through my week. It has significantly improved my health and fitness and I feel like I've turned back the clock a few years. One of the unexpected benefits has been a new community that my wife and I were lacking. We have busy schedules and young children so it is easy to get wrapped up in our own lives. Crossfit Q has become a close-knit community for us that we really value. It has added a lot of meaning to our lives and it is something that we plan continue to be a part of well in to the future.



Just recently joined CrossFit Q after a sports related injury. I’m still not fully recovered, so I’m unable to do certain movements, but no worries! Each class I’ve been to, the coach helps me scale my workout so that I’m able get in a good workout without further injuring myself. A very friendly atmosphere and the coaches truly care about your overall health!



At the age of 34, I joined Crossfit Q and lost nearly 40 pounds in less than a year, have gained more energy, and am the strongest I've been in my entire life (high school included). I started going to Crossfit Q because I needed a change of pace and knew that what I was doing going to a traditional gym was not working. I jumped in with both feet and have not looked back since. Everyone from the beginning has been very encouraging and motivating. It's difficult to find this anywhere else; where you go to workout and others are there rooting for you to be the best version of yourself. I would say that joining Crossfit Q has been the best decision I've ever made for health.



Virgil states it best, ‘The greatest wealth is health.’ With a healthy mind, body, and spirit, life can exceed your expectations. One way I learned how to improve my overall health and accomplish insurmountable goals is through Crossfit. Because of Crossfit, not only is my body reaching its full potential, my mind and spirit are continually growing towards a better life. Crossfit has enhanced my life in uncountable ways. My wealth in life is knowing I am going to live the longest and best life with the help of Crossfit. Crossfit makes fitness accessible to everyone, improves physical and mental strength, and promotes a community that is more considered a family. Crossfit Q is a place that supports and values these simple life virtues. And to Crossfit Q, their greatest wealth is the health of its members.



My life has changed for the better since joining Crossfit Q. I joined in 2015, having moderate to severe asthma. For the first two years, I worked solely on my fitness at the Q. I gained a ton of strength, lost some fat, and improved my ability to breathe. Then in early 2017, I started working with their nutrition coach, Halie. This further improved my ability to breathe. I lost a considerable amount of fat and gained more muscle. I am able to do things I never thought possible with asthma. The best benefit of joining Crossfit Q is the great community it fosters. I've made so many new friends and feel like I have a place where I belong.



I started CrossFit in April of 2017 at the end of my sophomore year of high school. Until that point I had struggled to find something that I was “good” at or enjoyed doing — I literally spent every year until that point trying new sports that didn’t work out for me. As a high school student it was hard for me to not have something I could call my own, especially since all of my friends were known for playing soccer, volleyball, etc. After seeing my sister do the kids class at CrossFit Q, I was so drawn in and wanted to try it for myself. I signed up for & completed the On-Ramp class but before I actually started CrossFit classes, I had a school trip to Spain. Looking back on the pictures from Spain, I am a completely different person, both physically and mentally, and that was the first moment I realized how much CrossFit Q had impacted me. Before I started CrossFit, I never prioritized health or fitness and kind of just shrugged it off like it wasn’t a big deal, but looking back even just 6 months after I started CrossFit it had made a huge impact on my life. As my time doing CrossFit continued, I started to prioritize it even more and make it a habit for myself. Now, reflecting on my 2 years doing CrossFit, I can honestly say it has impacted me tremendously. I have come such a long way both physically and mentally and have grown as an individual from everything CrossFit Q has done for me. From getting my first strict pull up (and crying,) PR’s (and crying again,) to doing my first open, I would not trade the experiences (and friends!!) CrossFit Q has given me for the world. I can’t imagine not doing CrossFit and I plan on doing it for the rest of my life.



I’ve struggled since High School to be physically active. I’ve joined many gyms over the years only to try it for a few weeks, or months, but it’s never been something I enjoyed doing. My Son had been urging me to try Crossfit for Months, and after many, many months of persistence I finally gave in and told him I’d try it, fully expecting to try it for a week or two and go back to my inactivity. I signed up with Crossfit Q about 3 months before my 50th birthday. After the very first class, I KNEW I’d found my happy place. I just celebrated my 6th month last week and it’s been the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself. I can’t say enough positive things about my trainers, and this little community that has taken me under their wing. In addition to losing over 30 lbs, I am gaining strength in muscles that had gone unused for SO many years. I truly feel like I’m anti aging. I’m sleeping better, I feel better, and my outlook on life is SO much happier! I truly am blessed to have found this wonderful place!



Athletics has been an integral part of my life since early childhood. It is something that has anchored me to my core values of healthy living, leading by example and overall mental toughness. In addition, there are many benefits that come from being part of a team. I continued with athletics throughout my adulthood in playing senior level rugby regionally and for the US National team for a time. As with anything, priorities shift over time and my career and family aspirations made it difficult to continue to play high level rugby. CrossFit has filled that space for me where I get to challenge myself and others, and dig deep on a daily basis. CrossFit Q specifically has built in the community aspect as well as given CrossFit a home for our children to learn and grow. The ancillary benefit is that CrossFit Q also makes all aspects of healthy living a priority, which include nutrition, healthy mental habits and an overall sense of belonging in the community.



From day one to 8 months... while I am pleased with my physical changes, I am most pleased with overcoming a lack of confidence in myself and doing physical workouts that I never dreamed I could do. Tonight I was finally able to do regular and overhead plate lunges and samson stretch for the first time. May seem like a little thing but I’ve spent months strengthening bad knees and am feeling stronger every day. Tonight I filled my mind with positive self talk and voila... I was doing it! Truly such a rewarding journey. Never giving this up! Thank you to all my amazing coaches and family and friends who continue to believe in me and motivate me.